Treat Freckles For A Smooth And Healthy Looking Skin

Healthy and beautiful skin is the reflector of a healthy body and happy soul. Today millions of people all over the world suffer from problems of having freckles. What’s more worrying is that they are present on the facial area, and neck etc which stop the person from looking beautiful. People suffering from this problem want to remove freckles completely. This is because occurrence of freckles on the face may make the person look ugly. If left untreated they can pose a risk to our lives. So take care that you look beautiful today and forever.

What exactly are freckles?

When our skin becomes exposed to excessive sun and its heat marks appear in our skin. These marks appear to be permanent and are known as freckles. They are usually present in People who have pale skin, red or blond hair is more prone to suffering from freckles.

What causes freckles?

The active ingredient responsible for the production of freckles is a gene variant MC1R – the melanocortin-1receptor.

People having this gene variant, when spend time under sun continuously will have freckles appearing on the exposed body parts will start to make their appearance, especially in the face. The penetrating sun rays make contact with melanocytes present under the epidermis and activate them. As a result, new freckles are created and the size of older ones is increased.

Can Freckles Be Treated and how?

Although seems to be permanent freckles can be removed and that too very easily. The most popular technique of removing freckles nowadays is by laser. There are many advantages to it. Firstly, laser techniques have the ability to remove freckles from the skin easily. Secondly, no harm is caused to the surrounding cells and tissues. Thirdly, the technique does not require application of high doses of anesthesia. Fourthly, the procedures are very quick and require very less time to perform.

The only disadvantage is the high cost associated with it. Secondly, sunbath is completely restricted for the patients who have undergone surgery. This is because laser technique creates wounds which need to close before exposed to sun.

Earlier to the use of laser technique, cryosurgery was popular for treatment of freckles. In this method liquid nitrogen (N) is used to freeze the region having freckles so that they can be easily removed. But, with the introduction of laser technology, cryosurgery is not used much now. It is used only in a few special cases.

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