Life is Not in Living, But Living in Health

A healthy lifestyle is one which lowers your risks of being ill and unhealthy. To stay fit and healthy is not very difficult. Your health is the source of your happiness in your life. Exercise is for life, it is the best key to achieve the happiness of life. Do not do exercise to burn your calories or loose weight rather do it always everyday to manage a good health. All of us have the right to stay healthy and having a long life. Try to accept responsibility for yourself, and you will get the success.

A low carb diet is not a permanent solution to lose weight. Most of the people lose weights after diet and again put back weight once they failed to maintain diets. And is it feasible to stay without having proper food and not taking those foods which you are fond of only to loose weight. What is the purpose of living then? You are here in this world to enjoy your life, why you should spoil such a beautiful life given to you by god only for the sake of your health. Stay healthy and live a better life, full of happiness and merrymaking.

Most diets failed because they are impractical and boring and moreover they slow down your metabolism, your body feels it is starved and so it conserves fat. Moreover diets are extremely bad for your health since it leaves you feeling deprived, short tempered, depressed and yes of course hungry! Research shows that adding exercise to a moderate diet is a far more effective way to lose weight than dieting alone.

But never forget that healthy eating is an essential tool along with regular exercise to keep body fit and healthy. Fresh foods, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables should be in your diet regularly. A healthy eating plan is composed of a breakfasts, light meals and main meals and your dinner. If any food is not available simply substitute it with another appropriate food, as for example chicken salad is not available in your meal then opt for prawn salad. It is also very simple and easy to make and full of nutrition. Mix mayonnaise with lemon juice and pepper and put boiled prawns on it, then prepare your vegetable salad as you do always and added the prawn mixture and taste the new recipe. It will change your taste and will improve your appetite too. You will be a winner in your life, if you are able to achieve lifelong health, fitness and weight control. An electronic health diary comprises of an individual’s medical information including conditions, medication information, test results and treatment plans. Try to maintain an electronic health diary either by accumulating information at one place or by browsing online numerous sites that help you to store information there. Help yourself for a better self.

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