Find a Diet Free Solution by Making Healthy Food Choices

Are you trying to drop unwanted pounds? You need to find a diet free solution that encourages healthy eating, not deprivation.

Dieting to lose weight is one of the worst things you can do to lose weight and keep it off. You goal needs to be to make healthy food choices so that you will have more energy and your memory and your mood will improve. You will also have more energy to get out and move your body more!

Years of making unhealthy food choices can lead to weight gain, health problems and a lack of energy. Many times people are forced to make healthy life style changes due to a life changing event like a heart attack. Don’t wait until something drastic happens and you are already in bad shape.

You can find a lot of tips online to help you create a healthy diet free solution. Remember, this is not about creating a strict list of foods you can’t eat. This is about creating a menu plan with healthy, colorful foods that will make you feel full and satisfied. Creating a diet free solution also means that you need to slowly cut back on the foods that are not as good for you. Foods that are high calorie or high cholesterol for example need to be slowly cut from the diet and only eaten in moderation.

Eating healthy is about learning to eat smart this includes not just what you eat but how you eat as well. Are you one of those people that fills up your plate and then sits down in front the television to eat and then doesn’t actually remember eating? Eating this way doesn’t make you feel satisfied and you will want to eat again because you don’t “remember” eating.

When you eat, you need to eat with purpose. Sit at your kitchen table or wherever you should eat and savor your food. Eat slowly, chew slowly and put down your fork between every bit. This will make your meal last longer and you will feel full faster.

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