Eating Healthy Foods – What to Feed a Teenager

Eating Healthy Foods and the word Teenager sometimes just do not go together! When I think about what most Teenagers eat, including myself several years ago, I think about things that you could feel your heart slow down whenever you took a bite into it.

And Teenagers, if you are accused of eating healthy foods while you are out with your friends and they are eating the stuff that most teenagers eat, you know, those things we were talking about, above, it is very difficult to keep your cool persona isn’t it?

So, what is the trick to getting your teenager to think about eating right?

Gradual Change: The term ‘Eating Healthy Foods” must be in your mind during the meals that your teenagers eat at home! It is NOT going to happen while they are out!

Your Eating Healthy Foods game plan:

1.Healthy Food that is easy to eat: Fruit, Naturally sweet cereal (eliminate as much need for sugar as possible),

2.Snacks should be healthy: Bananas, apples, oranges placed in areas that will help your teenager(and you) find something good (even sweet) without having to go and search for something!

3.When going out to eat, go to places that you actually sit down to eat. The selections, there, are easier to ‘recommend’ to your teenager, AND the peer group is not there to influence their decisions. You will be surprised at how easy the recommendations ‘stick with them’ in this environment!

Eating Healthy Foods for teenagers will be something that they will actually learn for themselves if you apply just a little reasoning and common sense.

The role you play in this very important part of their lifestyle learning is what will help them understand what is in their ultimate best interests.

Feeding our children wholesome, well-balanced meals should be a prime concern for all of us. There is a lot of information out here to keep us well-informed about what is and should be one of the most important jobs we have: Taking care of our children.

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