3 Tips To Have Natural Skin Beauty

There are many who believe that there must be a magic bullet out there to have natural skin beauty. They constantly here the media hype one scientific breakthrough after another that allows you to look younger, live longer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. It’s droned into the population until many people, especially woman believe that it is impossible to maintain a beautiful healthy appearance unless they go out and buy the next miracle product or treatment on the market. Well I’m here to tell you that with just some very basic and simple steps, you can maintain or improve your appearance naturally with just some very simple steps every day.

As an aside, I’m going to say that you are already beautiful, but you may be one of these people who just don’t realize it. I will give you some food for thought on this. Consider first that there is always someone out there who see your inner beauty as a person. It may be someone at work, or a friend and almost always family. But there will always be a number of people who see your inner beauty as a person. Now, once you realize this, what you want to focus on is allowing your inner beauty to shine through. The one of the foundations to allowing your inner beauty to shine through is to have a healthy appearance. Of course, living in the US where so much of the food is tainted with GMOs make this complicated but still not impossible. In Europe, the story is different, since because of requirements of traceability, there are a lot more foods that are GMO free. But let’s return to the topic at hand, getting natural skin beauty.

Eating and Nutrition

The expression, you are what you eat is as true today as it was in the past. Eating copious amounts of fresh organic fruits and vegetable is the best advice in this area. If not, you can find the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides which can help you to avoid those conventional fruits and vegetables found to be the highest in pesticides – the so-called Dirty Dozen. Instead, focus on those fruits and vegetables that have been determined to have the lowest levels of pesticides. Other keys are to make sure you avoid refined foods, maintain a low level of daily fat intake (less than 30%) and maintain a good balance of varied carbohydrates, nutrients and fiber in your diet.

Lots of Sleep and Rest

Stressing yourself through lack of sleep and rest has a deleterious affect on your appearance. The result is dark rings under your eyes and a general tired appearance. To avoid this, you want to ensure that you always get a good night’s sleep. This of course, should be completely natural and without any sort of medications. In order to do this, most of you should avoid drinking caffeine as it will impede your ability to go to sleep naturally. You could also try aromatherapy, which I will speak about more in depth in a later article. Remember also that you will need to be comfortable and relaxed in order to sleep. That calls for a good bed and pillow. Pick a pillow that conforms to what your consider comfortable for your head. I prefer a slightly thinner and harder pillow because I tend to lay on my back and side. I find that this puts less strain on my neck. Each person is different. Finally in order to put yourself in a restful state, take long deep slow breaths and imagine as you breathe out that all your troubles and stresses are going away.


Your skin has to washed daily in an appropriate manner in order to have natural skin beauty. By that I mean that it is possible to wash your skin too much. If you do, you will not only wash away the oil present on your skin but you will stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil for your skin giving it an oily appearance. It is sufficient to shower or bath once a day to maintain a healthy appearance for most people. If you engage in exercise, which I recommend highly, than do wash after exercising. In any case, avoid bathing or showing for more than 20 minutes since this is tiring to your body and skin. Avoid water that is too hot as well. As for your face, I recommend washing it twice a day. Try to find a soap or washing gel that corresponds with your type of skin. In later articles, we will discuss making homemade soaps as well as high quality natural organic soaps that you can purchase. Lastly my recommendations don’t apply to your hands since often due to the types of activities that you do during the day, it is required to wash your hands as many times a day as necessary to keep them clean. My recommendation is to clean them thoroughly, dry them well and use a good hand cream, lotion or oil to prevent your hands from drying and maintain your skin’s integrity.

These are some of the key areas that if you do on a regular basis, will help you to have natural skin beauty. There are other things that you can do such as drinking plenty of water, getting enough sun, exercising and establishing a healthy environment for yourself at work and at home. Doing these things will help you to look and feel your best and others will notice it too! To learn more about how to get natural skin beauty, go to Natural Beauty For You.

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